Our Mission

Lightweight vehicles are crucial for reducing energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions, which are major environmental concerns. In addition, they have the potential to make our roads safer while being exciting to drive.

We at Humobility develop a lightweight vehicle that is human-electric powered. Electric motors drive the vehicle up to 120 km/h while the driver controls the vehicle through bicycle pedals – and generates additional energy.

The vehicle is not only energy-efficient and overall sustainable but provides a thrilling driving experience. It combines perfectly the fun and health benefits of cycling with the driving experience of a sports car.

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Our Vehicle

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Human-Hybrid Powertrain

  • Intuitive vehicle control through pedaling – better than riding a bicycle
  • Personalize the pedal assistance level to enjoy driving in any situation
  • Individual exercise for training purposes
  • Charge mode for unlimited driving range


  • Unique steering control and ergonomics
  • Unrestricted driver view of the HMI
  • Intuitive and responsive direct steering


  • Active aerodynamics with air break mode for reduced braking distance
  • Active & passive safety systems
  • Optimized handling through active aerodynamics
  • Low voltage electric system

User Experience

  • Sports device for everyday life
  • Exclusive HMI and user comfort
  • Seamless FRP leaf springs

Investors & Partners

We are currently looking for investors and partners for our mission. Please get in touch for further information.

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The E-Jet Project

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